Our Suppliers

Building our Businesses Together

At BJ Services, our suppliers are important business partners that uphold our company values for safe, reliable and repeatable operations. We require our suppliers to perform work honestly and ethically, and to share the same level of commitment and dedication to our clients as we do.

We collaborate with partners that produce consistent, high-quality products or services and offer competitive pricing and cost structures — allowing us to continually deliver comprehensive solutions that offer premium performance and lower cost of operations. The following six pillars of supply chain services outline our core expertise, and where we strive for excellence with our suppliers — for our clients.

Our pillars of supply chain services allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions that offer premium performance and lower operating costs

FAQ Answers

Potential Suppliers

I am interested in working with BJ Services. What are the requirements, and how do I apply?

We use a pre-qualification process to collect information and efficiently evaluate each potential supplier. We base our evaluation on several factors including, but not limited to, reliability, sourcing practices, technical competency, pricing and operational costs, and support services.

I would like to present my company’s capabilities. Who do I contact? 

Please contact our supply chain team and someone will get back with you regarding the pre-qualification process.

I already have a connection with someone who works at BJ Services. Can I work through that person to obtain a contract?

We believe in building strong connections between BJ Services and our partners. Contracts can only be obtained through our pre-qualification process, which allows us to enable the best fit for the business and our clients. Please contact our supply chain team to start the prequalification process.

I am a local supplier. Can my company have an opportunity to supply BJ Services?

BJ Services encourages supplier applications from local businesses. We find mutual benefit in supporting our communities and appreciate suppliers who source goods and services locally, draw from diverse supply chains and employ local workers to further promote and stimulate economic development.

Existing Suppliers

I have questions regarding an invoice. Who should I contact?

Our existing suppliers can review and manage Purchase Orders, create and submit electronic invoices, view invoice status in real-time and digitally collaborate to resolve invoicing issues through the Coupa platform.

I need to update my vendor or delivery information. How do I make these changes?

Any changes to your vendor profile can be made by contacting your buyer or by contacting our supply chain team to request information changes.

How do I receive an order from BJ Services?

To preserve inventory and expense management, as well as facilitate timely payments to suppliers, BJ Services prefers to place orders with suppliers in the form of a Purchase Order, which can be received electronically with return confirmation of receipt and acceptance by the supplier. If you feel a Purchase Order is not appropriate for your business with us, please contact your category manager or buyer to get more information regarding available options.