Research & Development

Technology Founded on Reliability

BJ Services' Tomball Technology Center is a 28,000 square foot state-of-the-art laboratory that supports product development and technical research. Our laboratory is one of North America’s only integrated technology centers combining stimulation, cementing, rock mechanics, analytical testing and equipment design capabilities. This extensive laboratory network includes high-capability field labs located in every resource play in which we operate. 

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Final Lab Patents 201706

Client-Driven Solutions

BJ Services' technology team works with our clients to understand their goals and challenges to help drive our R&D initiatives. When developing new technology, BJ relies on our strong regional network and third-party technology innovators to reduce time to market by 50 to 80%. This approach ultimately provides our clients with a versatile toolbox of technologies.  

Robust Technology Portfolio

BJ Services pressure pumping solutions are protected by more than 500 patents, including our equipment, our chemistry, and our software. Click to view a list of BJ Services' owned patents.