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Fracking 2.0: Hydraulic fracturing companies find alternatives to diesel-powered pumps

February 7, 2020 - Houston Chronicle

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BJ Services testing natural gas-fired turbine for frac crews in Haynesville Shale

February 4, 2020 - Houston Chronicle

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Letter From the road - private company frac update

January 2020 - Simmons Energy, A Division of Piper Sandler 

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improving operational efficiency and production by selecting the right fluid design

July 2019 Issue of E&P Magazine

Shafeeq Khan and Christine De Sario

Description: Explore BJ Services' ThinFrac™ friction reducers and how they have increased efficiency and production for clients across the U.S. and Canada. Specifically, read about the results a client achieved after they switched to BJ's friction reducer following the first 10 stages with a conventional FR.

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Enhancing Operational Efficiency of Surface Systems

June 2019 Issue of E&P Magazine

Ricardo Rodriguez, Landon Vredeveld and Tony Yeung 

Description: BJ Services's redesigned blender system meets the safety and operational needs of modern completions designs. Read about how we re-engineered the blender with a focus on maintainability and reliability to help solve industry challenges. 

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Tunable technology improves operational efficiency in the Eagle Ford

January 2019 Issue of World Oil Magazine

Jeff Long, Dan Fu and Christine De Sario

Description: A BJ Services' customer operating in the Eagle Ford recently saw success when they used our ThinFrac™ MP tunable friction reducer to help address record-high treatment pressures and solve for logistical complexity. 

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Hydraulic fracturing: Locking in efficiencies

January 2019 Issue of E&P Magazine

Carla Lewis, Product Line Director, Fracturing

Description: In this thought leadership piece, E&P consults with various industry leaders on how they are discovering new efficiencies to gain more production. BJ's Carla Lewis speaks to how our technology is unlocking more reservoir potential.

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Unlocking unconventional reservoirs with data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence 

January 2019 Issue of JPT Magazine

Dan Fu, VP, Engineering and Technology

Description: The concept of the digital oil field has been around for many years and the industry is beginning to experience the benefits of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, BJ's Dan Fu explores how operators can maximize these benefits of predictive analysis.

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Low-density, lightweight cement tested as alternative to reduce lost circulation, achieve desired top of cement in long horizontal wells 

September/October 2018 Issue of Drilling Contractor

Andy Jordan, Roderick Pernites and Lucas Albrighton

Description: Lightweight cements are demonstrating the resilience needed to withstand the stresses posed by horizontal well operations and achieving long-term well integrity.

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Real-time, tunable technology for operating efficiency

September 2018 Issue of World Oil

Dan Fu, VP, Engineering and Technology

Description: The purpose of tunable technology is efficiency.  For fracturing operations, efficiencies can be gained by reducing NPT, improving completion design, and exploiting more reliable equipment.  One area that can play a significant role is chemistry, particularly friction reducers.  

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Also, learn more about tunable technology on our Team Talk blog.

Engineering a new pumping approach

July 2018 Issue of E&P Magazine

Andres Alvarez, Lonnie Lafever and Tony Yeung

Description: BJ Services was presented with a unique opportunity to address changing operating conditions by applying new equipment engineering designs. More specifically, the company took a systemwide approach to engineering with the intent of delivering a new level of reliability and performance for clients.

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Engineered friction reducers enhance proppant transport

January 2018 Issue of E&P Magazine

Shafeeq Khan, Linguan Shen and Nicholas Everson

Description: Reducing friction is a long-established challenge that operators must overcome to decrease fluid flow friction and enable high-rate pumping without requiring more pressure generation at the surface.  Recent advances in polymer chemistry have led to the creation of polyacrylamide-based technologies that can provide a greater reduction in pipe friction and enhance proppant transport over conventional slickwater fluids.

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