ThinFrac™ Plus


ThinFrac Plus effectively reduces pumping pressure in up to 275,000 ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS) waters. It has extremely rapid hydration and can reduce turbulent flows, resulting in a 70 to 80% reduction of friction pressure during fracturing operations. This friction reducer can be applied in a variety of well types, including oil, gas, water and injection wells.

Download the data sheet for ThinFrac Plus FRW-41C or ThinFrac Plus FRW-45C.


  • Friction reducer for fracturing operations using fresh water to high TDS water

  • Batch mixed or added on-the-fly

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces friction pressure by up to 70 to 80% during fracturing operations

  • Rapid hydration in fresh water and produced water up to 275,000 ppm TDS

  • Improves performance in produced waters compared to traditional friction reducers

  • Reduces fresh water use with higher produced water cuts

  • Minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements due to lower surface treating pressures