ThinFrac™ MP


ThinFrac MP is an enhanced friction reducer that allows efficient hydration and develops nearly instantaneous viscosity in slickwater fracturing operations. It reduces pipe friction pressure by as much as 85% when compared to conventional friction reducers. This tunable technology meets the demands of evolving unconventional reservoirs by allowing operators to adjust concentration as needed, increasing well performance.

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  • Slickwater fracturing operations
  • Energized, slickwater fracturing operations
  • Linear gel applications
  • Foamed applications

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces pipe friction by up to 85%
  • Low pour point enables application in cold weather
  • Anionic formulation allows rapid hydration in 8 to 10 seconds in cold water
  • Its liquid state enables fast, accurate metering and mixing
  • Compatibility with fresh water, brines and low-pH fluids, reducing water management and disposal costs and logistics