ThinFrac™ Friction Reducers


The ThinFrac family of friction reducers (FR) is water-based and contains gelling agents or polymers that can improve proppant transport capabilities and reduce friction pressure when pumped, resulting in lower hydraulic horsepower requirements. BJ Services offers anionic or cationic polymers and formulations for various water qualities.

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Tolerance for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)*
Product NameDescriptionFresh Water< 50K< 100K< 150 K< 200K< 275K
ThinFrac EEconomicalx
ThinFrac PWProduced Waterxxxxxx
ThinFrac HVHigh Viscosityx

ThinFrac PlusCationic FR for Produced Waterxxxx
ThinFrac Plus HVHigh Viscosity Cationic FR for Produced Waterxxxxx
ThinFrac MPImproved Proppant Transport with Breakage Bondxx
ThinFrac DDry FRxx

Note: These are only guidelines, it is recommended to test with the water used for the job.

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