Fracturing Equipment


Our in-house engineering team focuses on building reliability and performance into pressure pumping.

BJ Services’ fleets are comprised of standardized, well-maintained equipment that are the third largest in North America. We take a system-wide approach to engineering to deliver a new level of reliability and performance for our clients. As our equipment performs in demanding field requirements, we find opportunities to improve reliability, efficiency and decrease maintenance which results in increased pump times and minimal non-productive time (NPT).

The launch of our Equipment Control Monitoring Center (ECMC) aids in this approach by providing our domain experts with predictive analytics to help prevent critical failures. This capability decreases the number of interventions in the field, resulting in reduced NPT and maintenance costs.

Final Fracturing Equipment Gorilla 201704 1

Gorilla™ Fracturing Pump

Reliability and Power
Maximum Horsepower: 3,000 HHP
High-Rate Pressure: 20,000 psi (1379 MPa)
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Final Fracturing Equipment Rhino 201704 1

Rhino™ Fracturing Pump

Fit for Purpose
Maximum Horsepower: 2,250 HHP
High-Rate Pressure: 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa)
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Fracturing Equipment Blender 201711 4

Fracturing Blender

Engineered for Efficiency and Reliability
Deck Engine: 1,100 BHP (Tier IV available)
Sand Rate: 300 to 25,000 lbm/min (136 to 11,340 kg/min)
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Final Fracturing Equipment Dotf Hydration 201705 1

Dry-on-the-Fly Unit

Improving Safety and Efficiency 
Mixing Capacity: 3,000 lb/min (1,360.8 kg)
Metering Capability: 120 lb/min (54.4 kg)
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Single-Line Manifold

Simple and Streamlined Rig Up
Maximum Rate: 120 bbl/min
Stations: 12-station trailers and 8-station skids
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