REACH™ Diverters


The REACH family consists of diverting agents that creates a clear flow path to access more of the reservoir and deliver better production. This technology is effective in both far-field and near-wellbore applications, and designed to be used with slickwater fluid. The proprietary system under this family, REACH Complete, combines diverting agents with lightweight proppants to redirect fracturing fluids for increased fracture conductivity.

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REACH Complete System

An engineered solution that provides temporary diversion to ensure complete stimulation of all perforation clusters and targeted zones. It opens conductive flow paths, permanently connecting the well to the reservoir. REACH Complete can be used in initial hydraulic fracture treatments or refracturing applications. 

Near-Wellbore Application

Redirects the frac fluid to the perf clusters and reservoir sections needed to maximize stimulation performance.

Far-Field Application

Temporary diversion to restrict fracture growth, helping to avoid frac hits while enhancing complexity in the reservoir.

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