Fracturing Solutions

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Technology, Insights & Innovation

A transformation of North American shale plays has occurred due to operators continuously looking for ways to increase completions efficiency and unlock more of the reservoir. At BJ Services, we package technology and chemistry with analytics and innovation to meet industry demands and deliver results.

Our in-house designed chemistry is playing a larger and more critical part in creating efficiency gains through wellsite delivery, fracture optimization and fluid design for our clients. All three of these efficiencies can be achieved by using a tunable technology, such as our ThinFracTM family, which allows us to adjust fluid properties on the fly, enabling greater versatility at the wellhead.

Additionally, we apply data analytics to optimize operations in real time for an improved overall well performance. With this type of intelligent insight, operators can minimize variables, predict well performance, predict reservoir potential and validate design within seconds.

Crosslinked Fluids

Improves proppant transport and effectively stimulates the reservoir in softer shales. Learn more >

Friction Reducers

Anionic and cationic polymers and formulations that enable high-rate pumping. Learn more >


Diverting agents that unlock more of the reservoir to deliver better production. Learn more >

Reliability, Engineering & Maintainability

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At BJ Services, our in-house equipment design and manufacturing allows us to evolve with industry changes by developing and maintaining equipment to address challenges and meet demands.

A leading example of this approach is our blender, which has successfully addressed industry challenges such as complex multi-well pad designs, longer pumping duration and higher sand concentration requirements.

Our Equipment Condition Monitoring Center (ECMC) allows team members to monitor equipment performance in real time and collaborate directly with the field operator so issues are identified and resolved with minimal downtime. Learn more >

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