IntegraCem™ Lite

Superior strength for wellbore integrity

The IntegraCem™ Lite family is a portfolio of premium, low-density cements that minimize lost circulation and deliver a strong annular seal. They are lighter and have higher strength than conventional options. This offering includes a comprehensive selection of engineered intergrind cements and an exclusive, patented cement blend, as well as traditional systems.

Download the data sheet for IntegraCem Lite CO1 and IntegraCem Lite CO2.


  • Primary and remedial cementing operations
  • Oil and gas wells
  • Low-fracture gradient environments

Features and Benefits

  • Can be used as a filler or completion cement
  • Adapts to a variety of slurry densities
  • Can be customized for specific well conditions
  • Slurry stability at low densities
  • Improved compressive strength compared to conventional lightweight cements
  • Facilitated QC when compared to blended and conventional lightweight systems
  • Preblended, lightweight systems improve operational efficiency when compared to blended systems, lightweight beaded systems and foamed cement options
  • Compatible with other BJ cement additives