IntegraGuard™ Star

Unique Solution for Eliminating Cement Losses

IntegraGuard Star cement spacer system is a well-proven solution for eliminating cement losses associated with cementing operations. This system uses advanced fluid and particulate technologies that create a barrier at the formation face, effectively strengthening the wellbore, minimizing fluid invasion and sealing fluid loss paths. The spacer system provides temperature stability, fluid compatibility and the capability to design specific density and viscosity expected from a premium cement spacer.

IntegraGuard Star spacer systems can also be used in stand-alone lost circulation situations. In extreme situations, additional IntegraGuard Plus sealant can be added to enhance the system sealing capability.

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  • Primary and remedial cementing operations 
  • Vertical, deviated and horizontal wells
  • High permeability, unconsolidated and fractured formations
  • Low-fracture gradient wells

Features and Benefits

  • Effective mud removal and displacement efficiencies
  • Improved mud/spacer and spacer/cement compatibilities
  • Reduces fluid filtrate losses and potential damage of the formation
  • Easily prepared and pumped with conventional cementing equipment
  • Cures or reduces cement lost circulation