IntegraSqueeze™ Resin

An Advanced Alternative for Remedial Cementing

IntegraSqueeze resin system is an engineered hydrocarbon epoxy sealant that gains access to extreme wellbore geometries and effectively penetrates microannuli and small leaks, achieving a good annular seal, while saving time and reducing costs. This system has unique fluid and mechanical properties, making it stronger and more ductile that conventional cement. 

IntegraSqueeze resign can be customized to meet individual well requirements,and is easily mixed and pumped with standard cement pumping equipment to minimize operational complexity.  

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  • Remedial cementing 
  • Casing leaks
  • Water shutoff
  • Plug and abandonment 

Features & Benefits

  • Effectively gains access and penetrates microannuli and small leaks, even in extreme wellbore geometries 
  • Stronger and more ductile than conventional cement 
  • Offers long-term durability and stability 
  • Stays intact when exposed to water
  • Withstands wellbore stresses 
  • Creates an effective, long-lasting seal 
  • Mixes and pumps easily on site; no special equipment needed 
  • Customizable to meet operational requirements