IntegraBond™ Flex

Durable cement for high-stress applications

IntegraBond Flex cement systems use a special selection of mechanical-property enhancers to improve the flexural and tensile strength, elastic properties and fracture toughness of the set cement. These cements are designed using proprietary software and tested with a variety of specialty laboratory protocols to ensure fit-for-purpose mechanical properties.

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  • Critical primary cementing operations 
  • Vertical, inclined and horizontal wellbores
  • Production and injection wells
  • Multilateral wellbore junctions 
  • Fields with a history of sustained annular pressure 
  • Wells exposed to high-pressure fracturing operations 

Features and Benefits

  • Improved long-term well integrity and elasticity
  • Enhanced tensile and flexural strength
  • Good mechanical properties at low densities 
  • Improved durability during pressure and thermal cycles 
  • Durability for multilateral junctions where cement is exposed to high mechanical stress
  • Mixed and pumped with conventional cementing equipment 
  • Compatible with virtually all API and ASTM cements, as well as most BJ Services cement additives 

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