IntegraBond™ Cements

Providing long-term well integrity

IntegraBond cementing systems create an effective cement sheath that bonds to the formation and the casing, effectively sealing oil, gas or water from the wellbore, whatever the downhole environment. These sophisticated solutions enable you to produce in more challenging environments across North America while ensuring the integrity of the well.

IntegraBond Flex

Flexible cements that maintain hydraulic integrity and conform to changes in downhole pressures and temperatures from hydraulic fracturing, well production, reservoir depletion and remedial operations. Learn more >

IntegraBond Heal

Resilient cements that are ideal for high-risk operations or to minimize remediation costs. They chemically react if exposed to hydrocarbons and effectively reseal minor cement defects. Learn more >

IntegraBond Salt

Cement slurry systems that are specially designed to be placed across and effectively isolate salt zones. Learn more >

IntegraBond Perm

Highly effective, low-permeability and corrosion-resistant cement systems that can withstand chemical attacks downhole, maintaining the cement bond and protecting the casing.

IntegraBond Xtreme

Cementing systems that are specifically engineered to provide zonal isolation in environments up to 600°F (330°C) with slurry densities up to 22 ppg by resisting degradation and maintaining compressive strength.

IntegraBond Ice

Unique cement slurry that is specifically designed for extremely low temperature applications such as those experienced while drilling through permafrost. This solution enables controlled slurry set time and enhances rapid compressive strength development.

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