IntegraStar™ Design Software

Solutions to Optimize Cement Integrity

IntegraStar is a suite of cementing design software programs that offer interactive data entry, comprehensive visuals and post-job analysis. The user can simulate multiple downhole conditions to optimize the job design and ensure wellbore integrity and zonal isolation goals can be achieved. 

IntegraStar Facts

A primary cement job design, real-time monitoring and post-job analysis program. Download data sheet >

IntegraStar ISO

A cement job-design aid used to determine the stress state of the cement sheath and evaluate wellbore integrity under changing downhole conditions. Download data sheet >

IntegraStar Temp

A temperature simulator used to accurately predict the downhole dynamic temperatures of fluids circulating in an oil or gas well. Download data sheet >

IntegraStar Vision

A pueudo-3D, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator that evaluates mud displacement and fluid intermixing during cement placement. Download data sheet >

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