Cementing Solutions

Superior Strength for Wellbore Integrity

BJ Services provides cementing services from well construction to remediation – ensuring wellbore integrity that lasts throughout the life of the well.

At BJ, we combine wellsite delivery equipment with downhole cement slurry technology to optimize placement, mitigate gas migration and enhance zonal isolation. Our services include in-depth laboratory testing, precise blending at the bulk plant and dependable mixing and pumping operations at the wellsite. 

With a suite of software, research and innovative chemistry, we work to solve our clients’ toughest cementing challenges.

Cementing Technology


IntegraBond™ cement systems create an effective cement sheath that bonds to the formation and the casing, effectively sealing oil, gas or water from the wellbore, whatever the downhole environment. Learn more >

Specialty Cements

IntegraCem™ cement systems are designed to overcome specific cementing challenges encountered during drilling, production or remediation operations. Learn more >


IntegraGuard™ spacer products and systems are efficient, cost-effective solutions that are well-proven in a variety of applications including vertical, deviated and horizontal wells. Learn more >


IntegraSqueeze™ resin has unique fluid and mechanical properties that gains access to extreme wellbore geometries and creates an effective, long-lasting seal. Learn more >

Final Cementing Equipment Falcon 201711 No Background 4

Falcon™ Cementing Unit

Falcon cement units use an integral slurry mixing system to control slurry density and consistency. The control systems enable programming of multiple blends – including ultra-lightweight cement slurries, as well as real-time data acquisition and post-job analysis. Learn more >

Cementing Design Software

IntegraStar™ software is a comprehensive suite of advanced modeling software used to optimize cement placement design and ensure long-term well integrity. Learn more >

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