Rockies Basin

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BJ Services operates in six core basins, each with a single basin hub supported by additional outpost service locations. Our goal is to “Own the Basin” by aligning our team's strength and decision-making closer to the wellhead. This enables us to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and the operating environment. 

BJ focuses on sustainable engineering to solve the industry's toughest challenges. Our re-engineered and updated equipment, paired with our innovative chemistry solutions, provide reliable and efficient operations to our clients.

Basin Solutions

We have built a strong regional network in the Rockies for our clients’ to leverage to better address such basin-specific challenges as government regulations and lack of subsurface characterization, which ultimately effects production. 

Colorado regulations mandate slurry systems to be tested at surface conditions, making it difficult to reach the required compressive strength by a certain time since downhole temperatures are much higher. To help solve this challenge for our clients in the state, BJ has IntegraCem™ Lite and IntegraSqueeze™ Resin. These specialty technologies provide rapid compressive strength development of the slurry under a wide range of conditions with low-density cement columns.

A deeper understanding of the subsurface is critical to optimizing production in fracturing operations, but companies face challenges with resource or economic constraints. In the Bakken, BJ’s Savant ML builds a model to unlock more of the reservoir using readily available data and machine learning. Clients can identify drivers, predict well performance, map reservoir potential and draw the impact of various designs specific to a location within minutes. This allows clients to drive efficiency with minimal resources in real time.   

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Basin Contacts

Tyler Cook, Director – Rockies Basin

Phone: 719-941-9666