Permian Basin

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BJ Services operates in six core basins, each with a single basin hub supported by additional outpost service locations. Our goal is to “Own the Basin” by aligning our team's strength and decision-making closer to the wellhead. This enables us to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and the operating environment.

BJ focuses on sustainable engineering to solve the industry's toughest challenges. Our re-engineered and updated equipment, paired with our innovative chemistry solutions, provide reliable and efficient operations to our clients.

Basin Solutions

With more than 50 years of experience in the Permian, BJ Services’ capabilities address such basin-specific challenges as lost circulation, produced water and fracture network communication resulting from pad density.

To help solve our clients’ well construction challenges in this basin, BJ offers IntegraGuard™ spacer systems. Our IntegraGuard Star Plus 3K technology prevents fluid loss into fractures and establishes cement returns to surface, which ensures regulatory compliance, zonal isolation and wellbore integrity.

Produced water can present several challenges during fracturing operations – higher water disposal costs, increased pressures, low hydration rates and inhibited anionic friction reducers (FR). ThinFrac™ PW is designed for high-total dissolved solids (TDS) brines up to 300K. This cationic technology exhibits superior friction reduction in waters with high iron and enables rapid hydration. Using this FR also helps to eliminate costs and operations associated with water disposal.

BJ’s proprietary REACH™ DAF Complete diverter promotes high-side fracture network conductivity, helping to prevent communication with nearby wells.

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Basin Contacts

Chad Morrow, Director – Permian Basin

Phone: 432-305-4380