Canadian Basin

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BJ Services operates in six core basins, each with a single basin hub supported by additional outpost service locations. Our goal is to “Own the Basin” by aligning our team's strength and decision-making closer to the wellhead. This enables us to be highly responsive to our clients’ needs and the operating environment.

BJ focuses on sustainable engineering to solve the industry's toughest challenges. Our re-engineered and updated equipment, paired with our innovative chemistry solutions, provide reliable and efficient operations to our clients.

Basin Solutions

BJ Services understands Canada’s unique operating conditions and provides clients with leading chemistry and equipment to combat extreme weather and maximize production.

Our enclosed cementing units were designed specifically for Canadian environments and fully equipped with state-of-the-art automated density control and maximum personnel protection. IntegraGuard™ EZ spacer system is an all-dry package that is ready to mix and pump. It is specifically designed to prevent low-hydration rates and potential freezing of the spacer during batch mixing.

BJ’s Dry-on-the-Fly (DOTF) unit effectively performs on fracturing operations in challenging weather because of its high-shear capability. The polymer quickly hydrates, minimizing residence time and achieving rapid friction reduction. This equipment combined with ThinFrac™ D, our all-dry friction reducer, are ideal for Canada's cold temperatures.

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Basin Contacts

Patrick Kearley, Director – Canadian Basin

Phone: 780-900-8911